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Beginning Guide to Usenet Newsgroups
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Advantages of Usenet

  •  Fast Downloads – Newsgroup downloads can go over 150Mbps!
  •  No sharing necessary.  Keep your connection from being clogged. 
  • Easy searching - Usenet is easy to search thanks to NZB sites and integrated newsreader tools.
  • Ultimate privacy - SSL encrypts your transfers and downloads are anonymous.



Step 1 - Subscribe to a Newsgroup provider

Top 3 Newsgroup Providers

  • Giganews- with well over 900+ days of binary retention and 2500+ days of text retention, there is good reason why Giganews has long been considered the best provider.  They offer a 14 day free trial, 99.99% completion, and 50% off your first month.  If you want rock solid service and support, look no further. 
  •  Supernews- they are an elder statesman of Usenet.  This venerable service provider has streamlined their offerings into one unlimited transfer plan for $11.99 a month.  This plan offers 800 days of binary retention and high completion rates.  While we always like to see more retention, Supernews offers the best value in Usenet.
  • Power Usenet– they offer two unlimited plans that combine value and qualityPower Usenet offers a 10GB free trial, 800 days of binary retention, and access to 110,000+ Newsgroups.  There is also a special promotion to receive 50% off the price of your 1st month.


Step 2 - Select a Newsreader

A newsreader is like a web browser for Newsgroups.  It allows your computer to communicate with your Newsgroup provider.  Selecting a good newsreader is critical to having a good Newsgroup experience.

Top 5 Newsreaders

  •  SABnzbd+ is hands down the best newsreader.  It’s free, works on Mac, Linux, and Windows computers, and it automatically repairs and unRAR’s most downloads.  nzbdStatus and SABconnect can integrate one click downloads with NZBMatrix and and The few drawbacks are that SABnzbd only works with NZB files and that it has a steeper learning curve than some other newsreaders. 
  • Alt.Binzaround 2007, Alt.Binz was the best Windows newsreader.  Since 2007, free versions have been discontinued and it has started to lag behind SABnzbd in key features.  However, you can still download up to version 0.25.0 free of charge and the interface is easy to use.  Alt.Binz is a good choice if SABnzbd isn’t for you. 
  • NewsLeecher – this Windows only newsreader costs $29.99 for a year including SuperSearch.  SuperSearch is what makes NewsLeecher great.  It is an integrated search engine that allows users to sort through 850+ days worth of indexed data from Usenet in a matter of seconds.  If you want everything in one package, search no further.
  • Unison 2 – is the latest iteration of the popular Mac newsreader from Panic.  A new copy of Unison 2 costs $29 while an upgrade version costs $18.  These costs are reasonable given the sleek interface and ability to process both traditional headers and NZB files. 
  • GrabIt – the best choice for any Windows user looking for a free newsreader capable of downloading headers and NZB files.  GrabIt also offers a search engine, but it requires a small monthly fee. 


Step 3 - Configure Your Newsreader

Your Newsgroup provider will send an introductory email with your account details.  The information necessary to connect is:

  • Server Address
  • Username & Password
  • Port
  • Number of Connections

SABnzbd 0.5.0 config screen with PU, SN, 2 GN.png



Step 4 - Find Content
NZB Icon Collage.png

Newsgroups are full of user generated content.  Finding this content has been simplified by NZB sites and integrated newsreader search functions. 

Top 5 NZB Sites

  • NZBMatrix - they offer the longest NZB retention and best organization.  Registration is required and a one-time fee of approximately $10 is necessary to unlock full access.
  • Newzbin 2 – the original Newzbin met an untimely demise.  Newzbin 2 quickly filled the void.  We will see if the new site lasts.  Registration is required, and 2 months of access cost £2.90.
  • – If you are like me and pride yourself on being cheap, this is your site.  Binsearch lacks the organization of the other sites, but a crafty user can still find everything.  The advanced search options
  • NZBs(dot)org – this site is an often overlooked resource.  It offers organizational features and registration is free.  The volume isn’t on par with the other major NZB sites yet, but I expect strong growth. 

Newsreader Searches

NewsLeecher, News Rover, Newsbin, and GrabIt all have good integrated search features available for a fee. 


Step 5 – Download!

Downloading from Newsgroups usually involves opening an NZB with your newsreader.  This step can be streamlined by selecting your default newsreader to automatically open NZB files.  Otherwise, it only takes a couple clicks.
SAB adding an nzb.png
SAB downloading.png

With SABnzbd, browse for the NZB and then click Add.  Now you are all set to download with unmatched speed and security.  




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