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ar NZB files have been existing for a long time and are designed to ease the download via newsgroups. In general you should download all headers from a newsgroup, which can be time consuming (depending on your internet connection + news server).
The advantage of NZB is to download files without having to make updates to the newsgroups!

What is a NZB?
On the newsgroups, a 4.7GB DVD for example is divided into several pieces for a 4GB file is too large to be posted on the newsgroups. Each section contains a unique identifier posted on the newsgroups specific to him.

Technically, the NZB is a set of multiple identifiers of files, it includes all the identifiers of items necessary to obtain the desired file.

Where to find NZB files?
- Using a search engine on the internet:


ar First type the filename of the post.


ar Check and save the result on the disk by clicking Create NZB:


ar Open the file with Grabit, Newsleecher or another grabbeur. Here we used Grabit: select your server, then Grab!


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