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GrabIt Guide

GrabIt is a free newsreader capable of downloading both traditional headers and processing modern NZB files.  It has a simple to use interface, automatic PAR & RAR functions, and allows multiple server connections. 


Download GrabIt 2.png

  •   Complete the standard Windows installation process. 

GrabIt Install 5.png

GrabIt Install 7.png

 Once GrabIt is installed, there will be an initial server setup.  Server details can be changed at anytime. 

Initial Setup
Giganews server settings will be used for this guide.  While the setup process is the same for every Newsgroup provider, check your startup email or provider support page for specific account details. 

  •  Type the server address under news (NNTP) server.  In the case of Giganews this can either be: (U.S. or Hong Kong Servers) (European Server)

  • Check the box next to requires username and password.  (All subscription based Newsgroup services require a username and password.)


GrabIt Server Setup 1.png

  • Type the username and password for your account.  (A default username and password are usually provided in a startup email.)

GrabIt Server Setup 2.png


  •  Click Finish to retrieve the group list.  (If the list downloads, GrabIt has successfully connected to your Newsgroup provider.)

GrabIt Server Setup 3.png

GrabIt Server Setup 4.png


  •  Right click on Default server, and select Server properties from the drop down menu. 

GrabIt Server Setup 5.png

  •  The server properties menu allows access to change the server address (hostname), port, enable SSL, and change the number of connections anywhere from 1-32. 

Giganews - 443 and 563 are SSL ports
                       23, 80, 119 are non-SSL ports
The number of connections is determined by your account level.  Giganews accounts offer between 20-50 connections. 

GrabIt Server Setup 6.png

Top Usenet Providers
Giganews Premium Usenet
Power Usenet

Downloading with GrabIt
GrabIt can download using headers or NZB files. 

Using Headers

  • GrabIt can sort Newsgroups based on keywords. 
  • You may also elect to filter groups by the number of articles.
  • Double click on a group to subscribe.  (Subscribing to a group allows you to download headers and reply to posts. 

GrabIt Functions 5.png

Due to the massive size of many groups, incremental updates are recommended.  Otherwise, GrabIt may spend hours downloading headers.

GrabIt Functions 2.png

If you are viewing a binary Newsgroup, click “Grab” to download an article. 

GrabIt Functions 4.png

If you are viewing a text group, select “Read article.”

GrabIt Functions 3.png

Downloading with NZB’s
To add an NZB in GrabIt:

  1. Click My GrabIt under Subscribed groups.
  2. Click NZB Import.
  3. Click Add to browse for the NZB file.

GrabIt NZB 1.png

Top NZB Sites

  1. Click Grab to start the download.

GrabIt Downloading.png

GrabIt Usenet Search

One last feature worth mentioning is the GrabIt Usenet Search.  For a small monthly fee, a global search engine within GrabIt can be enabled.  It can render up to 10,000 search results! 

GrabIt Usenet Search.png


GrabIt is the best free newsreader capable of downloading headers and NZB’s.  It offers consistent quality.  If you need a full featured newsreader at a fair/free price, I recommend giving GrabIt a try. 



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