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Special :
Unlimited Usenet, Mimo Usenet Browser, VPN service, 50 connections, and SSL encryption all for $24.99 for each of the first three months!

ar Giganews is the best Usenet provider. Subscribers have long raved about their retention, speed, and reliability. Giganews was the first Usenet provider to exceed two years of retention, offer SSL, and have 50 connection plans. They continue to push Newsgroups into new and exciting territory! 

ar Giganews Highlights
Retention: days
Connections: Up to 50
SSL: Yes - 256 bit
Free Trial: Yes - 14 Days, 10GB
Servers: US, Europe, and Asia
Free VyprVPN
American Company
English Language Support

Giganews offers new customers a risk free 14 day, 10GB trial. Plans renew on a monthly basis and start at just $4.99. The Giganews website is available in ten different languages. 256 bit SSL encryption allows Giganews' customers to securely and privately download from Newsgroups. Your ISP cannot even see what you are downloading.

All Giganews Diamond plans include free VyprVPN access! Online activities are more vulnerable than ever. VyprVPN adds security and privacy to all Internet activities. Data transfers are secured end to-end in an encrypted tunnel. ISP assigned IP address are replaced with one provided by VyprVPN. This essentially eliminates your digital foot print and helps you regain your online freedom. VyprVPN Details...


Unlimited Download Plans:
Diamond - $34.99/month ($10 off / $24.99 for each of the first three months, SSL, Dump Truck Online Storage & free VyprVPN)
Platinum - $24.99/month

Economy Plans:
Silver 50Gb/month - $14.99
Bronze 10Gb/month - $9.99
Pearl 5Gb/month - $4.99

Giganews Server Details

ar Server Addresses: (North America and Asia) (Europe)

ar Ports:
SSL - 443, 563
Without SSL - 119, 80, 23



















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