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10$/month unlimited
7.95$/month (95.40$/year)

Special Free Trial 100 GB/14 Days

ar UsenetServer is a company based in the United States that offer prices close to the competition. Its retention is correct and the price is equally so, especially as the SSL encryption is included in the package.

The basic package at $ 14.95 is more than enough for the majority of existing connections, unless you have fiber. This server offers only unlimited plans, whose prices are almost the same as ngroups.

ar In few words...
Concurrent connections: 10 or 20
Retention: jours
SSL: Yes
American company
English language available

unlimited 10 sim. con.
39.95$/3 months

unlimited 20 sim. con. SSL

limited 8 sim. con.
3$/3 days

ar Servers name

ar Ports
23, 25, 119, 3128, 8000
















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